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N-Naughty? What direction are you going with all of this?! [Sputtering at her response to his ridiculous phrasing, Yosuke was troubled with that case of embarrassment once again. Here he was trying to make a serious point in regards to not being swayed by her attempts of seduction, but was ultimately failing in his pursuits. Pretty much a laughing stock through and through, but he had to admit he was grateful for having enough sense to see through the ploy. Despite her obvious charms, the otherworldly attraction she possessed that no one in their reality would be able to hold, Yosuke decided it was best to keep strong. However, the Fox sitting atop him was making his protest all the more difficult. He openly shivered, brown eyes wincing at his lack of control against the fingers that tentatively caressed his skin.

Another reason to hate the obvious weaknesses to his body that only so few knew about. Yes, Yosuke knew what she had wanted from him… but he wasn’t going to give her that. Call him stupid, but he was going to fight.]

Skillful or not… I d-don’t… think so…

[He inhaled sharply, looking for an excuse to move his gaze somewhere else. The pulsation in the back of his head was trying to get him to focus on that one finger that managed to slip into the warmth of her mouth. No stupid, don’t give in to her suggestions. Whether they happen to be the ideal fantasy for the average teenage male or not, he had to be stronger than this. Giving up wasn’t in his dictionary at this very moment. That’s exactly what she wanted from him.

He’s heard the tales before, and yet here he was. Struggling to maintain some sense in this head of his. A whimper of protest escaped parted lips as he reached forward, taking hold of her wrists, glaring upward.

This couldn’t happen.]

I said stop.

-The expression she managed to extract from him thrilled the Fox, her tails shivering with delight as she watches the brunet’s face flush red. With her body pressed against him like this, it was easy for her to determine just how her ministrations had affected him. Hearing his heart race incited a chuckle out of her, and already, the gears in her head started to turn…-

…? Stop? Why should I? Men like these, do they not?

-She blinks in a confused manner as she tilts her head to one side, looking at the hands that gripped her wrists away… her smile disappears in favor of a small frown, ears tilted down.

Had she done something wrong to this human? This was one of the rare times one had denied her advances… perhaps…

Perhaps she wasn’t attractive…?-

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[It was near ridiculous how a person Yosuke didn’t even properly know took advantage of an impossible case of embarrassment. The smirk donning her face spoke of secrets she was in no way willing to speak of with him, and that only added onto the worry consuming his mind. Having been introduced to tales of the Nine Tailed fox species through small bouts of mythology and video games, there was an obvious reason for his skepticism. Simply backing off was something Yosuke was certain she would not agree to without a kind of protest, whether it be verbal or physical. This thought, however, was welcomed to reality after taking in the change of his visual perspective after a few minutes.

What had once been the ground his feet stood, were not the resting spot for the back of his head. And there she was. The fox herself, smiling down at him with secret upon secret piling atop the ones before. He gulped nervously, unsure of what might make its way out of his mouth after such a silence. 

Curse her clumsiness she says? What bullshit right there, and the growing scowl on the brunet’s face spoke of his certainty of her foolery. 

She wanted something out of him— something he wasn’t willing to give.]

S-So, what’s it you want from me… I’ve seen a look like that countless times to know you’re awaiting my services in some way…

[He trailed off, slightly flustered with his own phrasing.]

A little straightforward, aren’t we? Such a naughty boy you are…

-Her lip curled further into that all too alluring smile she possessed, the one that captivated countless men into their doom. Her golden eyes gazed at him through half closed eyelids, her weight used to press her ample bosom against the brunet. Her tails waved lazily behind her, concealing them from immediate view from any passersby-

Then you should already know what it is I want, do you not, young man? I promise you, my skills are not for naught… you shan’t be disappointed.

-A finger reaches out to trace a line on his neck, her finger running down, all the way down to his collarbone. It stops, and trails up to her chest, up her neck and coming to a stop near her lips. She lets out a soft sigh and slips her finger in, slowly moving it in and out of her mouth with such sensual movements…

Surely now he wouldn’t mistake what it was she wanted from him, would he?

Oh she terribly loved flustering young humans like this…-

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“Greetings, Ahri, Wukong.” Cho’Gath spoke nodding to both of the anthropomorphic  creatures in turn. “Oh, there is no reason to apologise, Miss Ahri, I quite understand.”

Cho’gath watched silently as Ahri immediately began work on using her special charms on the Monkey King. It was amazing how he always seemed fairly oblivious to what the fox was getting at. But then Wukong was a rather oblivious soul…

“Oh, yes, quite.” Cho’gath nodded when questioned. “Master Wukong is usually one of the most energetic creatures I’ve encountered. It is most unusual for him to appear down.”

Wukong’s eye twitched slightly. He didn’t think he looked like something was bothering him.

“I merely did not get enough rest this past night. There is nothing wrong with me…”

He glances at Ahri for a moment, then returns his gaze to Cho’gath as he stifles a yawn.

“I believe Ahri is merely ‘playing around’, as she is prone to do.”

-It was then that her grin widened, her hand working its way to find its fellow around the Monkey King’s neck-

Then may I extend my services to help you sleep, my dear~? I can assure you, I’m quite… ah… skilled, when it comes to bedding individuals such as yourself…~

-Totally meaning not what he thinks. Totally-

You should rest… ufufu, I’d be more than happy to help you in your endeavor~


I-It’s not that I don’t like you, Miss… I mean, we just met, and that would be rude to not like someone off the bat… [Yosuke muttered, finally gaining the proper courage to glance over at the female Fox who was suddenly so close to him. He blinked, trying to figure out whether or not he was seeing things, and gulped audibly. There was no way that he was actually bothered with this mysterious woman, because she hadn’t tried anything that would deem her as crafty, but how much did he even know about her? Not a lot!

Wait. Was she laughing at him? That wasn’t very nice, especially since here he was trying to be as polite as possible. Yosuke chewed at his lip, taking that slight second to move a little bit away from her. Why was she so close is what he really wanted to know?

Was she trying something? Or was there something in fact wrong with him? 

Maybe it was both? Aaaaah, he didn’t know, and just thinking about all of this was making his head hurt! Yosuke sighed, gathering himself together to find the proper words to answer with.]

It’s not the way you sit… i-it’s just that you’re exposing yourself in more ways t-than one… [He muttered his response, looking away again.] 

Ah… so he was shy…

-A sly smirk worked its way up into her features, ears twitching as she watched him look away from her again. Her tails swayed lazily about behind her as she quietly mused about what to do next.

Clearly, the boy wasn’t as innocent as he let himself out to be. Aaah, but thinking about it now… maybe he could entertain her outside of the League…-

Oh, am I? My deepest apologies…~

-She made a show of backing off and standing up, but made it so she seemingly fell of her own accord and lo and behold, landing on top of the brunet-

Ah… curse my clumsiness…~

-Ah, to feel warm flesh underneath her… it had truly been a while since she had entered the League since she was able to feel this familiar sensation again. True, she had vowed against taking the souls of those who she took to bed with but… that didn’t mean she couldn’t have her fun, did it~?-

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Ufufu… you’ve left me quite alone, my pet. You’re lucky I find you entertaining lest you lose your head~

It’s about time you two showed your faces again. It has been most empty as of late without your… Colourful presences.

“…oh… um… Hello, Cho… and Ahri…”

The Monkey King seems wary of the Nine Tailed Fox…

And look who’s decided to join us! A pleasure to be graced by your presence, Master Cho. My apologies; I was out on a… ah, personal… errand.

-A sly smile works its way up the fox’s lips as she sashays over to the monkey and tilts his chin up to look at him-

Now what’s got you so down? This isn’t very like you. Where’s that chipper attitude that I love seeing, hmm?

-Her gaze turns towards the hulking gentleman looming above them-

Wouldn’t you agree? No one likes a sad monkey.



“Perhaps I should not have spent so much time training these past months… much more has happened than I have anticipated.”

Ufufu… you’ve left me quite alone, my pet. You’re lucky I find you entertaining lest you lose your head~

Open RP [Pervy Shinji] || Ahri


Shinjiro turned around and noticed a woman with… fox ears? and a tail?! What the hell?! Then her question registered and before he could stop himself, his mouth was already running. “Yea, I wouldn’t mind being able to feel up those wonderful cans of yours, miss…?” The cook let the unspoken question hang, not knowing the strange woman’s name. And he could feel his self respect dwindling quickly.

-She blinks once, then twice, and laughs as her tails fan out behind her. One coyly covers her ample bosom as the tip covers her lips, her smile widening as she batted her lashes at him-

Oh my, is that so?

-She couldn’t let him have her that easy-

Well… if you’d like to play with me…

-Her Orb drifts to her free hand, emanating its soft blue glow almost threateningly as she reached out with her other-

You better make sure you know the game. So what’ll it be~? Will you play with me for my bosom or shall I take my babies and leave?

-Oh please do play. Who knows if she could get anything out of this chance encounter?-

Open RP [Pervy Shinji]


Shinjiro sat on a bench at the shrine, something he hadn’t actually done in awhile, not since Hamuko had died… Though rather than be alone to mope, the cook was merely trying to avoid as many people, or rather women, as possible due to this damnable magic on him from that grey face. As if he actually wanted to act like a pervy flirt towards people he barely knew, or worse, someone he considered a good friend! Resting his head in his hands he just sighed heavily and waited for night when he could head home unnoticed.

Oh my my my, what’s a fine young man like you doing out here alone?

-She had wandered, far from her quarters in an attempt to dissuade her growing temper at the Monkey King. So far her advances had not worked on his oblivious nature, as he regarded her nothing more than an ally and occasionally, an enemy.

What was a lonely fox to do to seduce him?

And lo and behold the answer came to her. She chuckled a little to herself as she realized it a moment too late; perhaps Wukong only needed to be… enlightened to the fact that she wanted him to be her mate? But the means to do that… it continued to elude her until now.


He’d want something he can’t have, right?-


-Her ears perked up as she sauntered behind the young man coated in red, her nine tails encasing her precious Orb in safe er… appendages-

Humans like you don’t come here very often… is there something you seeked from me?

Fufufu… this pleases me greatly.


[Souji regarded Ahri with a blank look. She was probably one of the oddest of the League he’d met so far, which was certainly saying something…]

I suppose it’s true nothing happens without reason… But I can’t say I even know what you do, let alone would be here for it.

-At that she shrugged, the fabric of her clothes nearly exposing more of her bosom than it’s already revealing. She never did like to put on much to cover herself; it restricted her tails too much.

And she’d be damned if she wore a hood. That just irritated her ears.

Never again-

Would you like to find out boy? I have no qualms in showing you what I can do.

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